A Modern Take on Engagement Rings

What it means to get engaged today and the traditions of marriage are evolving quickly. Couples today are seeking new ways to mark their love and with the resurgence of retro-futurism trends from the ’60s, mixed with different meanings and definitions of companionship, the result is innovative engagement rings with an unexpected and unique retro flair.



Courtesy of Katkim

The new rules include innovative settings, many with floating diamonds, asymmetric ring designs, and a variety of toi et moi settings that create some of the most individualistic and unique designs in the market

Some of the key players include Jade Trau who, from her bio, has “harnessed her years of experience to break the rules of the fine jewelry industry and to create a new sense of individuality that pushes the boundaries of design into something more authentic and personal” with her Selma Solitaire ring. Other styles upend traditions setting the gemstones on their side or even upside down, creating styles as unique as the person who wears them.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels

Courtesy of Van Cleef

This new one-of-a-kind aesthetic continues with a brilliant round trace ring from L.A. based jeweler Katkim who favors recycled gold, whenever possible, and uses diamonds that adhere to The Kimberly Process, a certification that marks the gemstone conflict-free.

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