A Tucker Carlson Cutout Is Part Of The Putin Reelection Effort

Russian elections go on for three days in this huge country. The reelection of President Vladimir Putin is a foregone conclusion given that he faces no real competition.

However, AP reported, “analysts say the Kremlin needs a high turnout in the election to signal that Russians approve of the war and to legitimize Putin for another term.”

Perhaps that’s why a cutout of Tucker Carlson is there to entice voters. Carlson’s Fox News show was considered so “essential” for its pro-invasion propaganda that the Kremlin told state-friendly media outlets to use Carlson clips “as much as possible.”

That seems to have made him a star despite Putin’s more recent public humiliation of Carlson.

By the way, as much as Putin has rigged the election for a landslide victory, the AP notes some signs of resistance against Tucker’s hero.

Officials said voting was proceeding in an orderly fashion. But despite tight controls, at least a half-dozen cases of vandalism at polling stations were reported Friday and Saturday, including a firebombing and several people pouring green liquid into ballot boxes. The latter was an apparent homage to Navalny, who in 2017 was attacked by an assailant who splashed green disinfectant in his face.

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