Adidas Collabs With STEPN; KangaMoon Surpasses $5.6M, Ranks Alongside ETH and SOL As Best Crypto Coins

Last week, STEPN, a web3 lifestyle app with social and game elements, welcomed Adidas onto the Solana blockchain. In an X post, Solana posted this achievement on its platform, highlighting the enticing achievements for the Solana network housing such incentives. Another token that is predetermined to attract various collaborators and propel successfully in the web3 and DeFimarket is KangaMoon (KANG). With impressive presale performance, KangaMoon is showing potential of rivaling Ethereum coin and Solana in the quest for profitable investments.

Solana (SOL) Projects Positivity As STEPN Draws Adidas to Its Network

Although the price of Solana coin went below its monthly support threshold at $186.77, the token has already started rising, portraying an impressive rise of over 13% in the past week. Solana might further increase in price due to its recent collaboration with Adidas.

Specifically, STEPN a web3 fitness game app has just recently run Sneaker Raffle Mint hand in hand with Adidas on Solana network. This collaboration is sure to increase attention to Solana and potentially the market value of its token. Solana is currently holding in a weekly range of $128.84 and $159.39 but will prospectively grow much higher.

KangaMoon (KANG) Is Only Increasing Momentum in The Meme Coin Market As Presale Sees Over $5.6M

KangaMoon (KANG), the newest meme coin sensation, is not ready to lose buying pressure yet. The token’s market momentum is increasing at a steady rate. Having only just surpassed $5M last week in its last and 5th presale stage, with over 60% of tokens already sold, KangaMoon has now raised over $5.6M, aiming to quickly surpass its anticipated $6M by the end of April.

With impressive platform features and perks which includes an ecosystem that invites users to a battlefield where they engage in contests with their in-game avatars. While winning battle contests, users can earn $KANG tokens and even rare NFTs and in-game assets that signifies a catalyst for higher earnings. Interestingly, you can even bet on battle outcomes for more earnings.

KangaMoon’s passive earning potential plays a huge role in its potential skyrocketing to greater heights among other mene coins and tokens in the DeFi market. With a dedication to community inclusion and empowerment, KangaMoon is currently granting both new and existing users free tokens as they engage in its media challenge that involves sharing and commenting on Kangamoo posts.

The $KANG token which serves as a utility token for various accessibility in the Kangamooplatform has risen from an initial price of $0.005 to $0.0196. This growth so far has granted early investors over 290% ROI. This year, KangaMoon is still set to scale higher in the meme coin market, potentially rivaling other top tokens like ETH and Solana.

Ethereum (ETH) Will Surpass Its All-Time Before Q4

Earlier in March, before Bitcoin halving, Ethereum priced a little above $4,000 an impressive feat that signified the closest distance it has made to its all-time high price of $4,878. However, Ethereum’s momentum has only just started as the token is seen as the closest emulator of Bitcoin’s rise.

Currently Ethereum has risen by over 50% in the past three months. Though it’s declining by 2.64% this past month, Ethereum is only experiencing corrections that will precede a rebound. Right now, Ethereum is holding in a weekly price range of $2,919 and $3,271.

Will KangaMoon Top Solana Meme Coins?

As a revolutionary project in the meme coin space, KangaMoon has more than enough potential to surpass the highest trending Solana meme coins like Dogwifhat and BOOK OF MEME whose tokens lack utility and depth. The deciding factor eventually rests on community support, market sentiment and adoption rate.

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