AI Crypto Rally: Akash Network and NEAR Protocol Jump While Raboo's Presale passed $1 Million

In the thriving AI crypto sector, Akash Network and NEAR Protocol are witnessing significant growth amid a bullish market, while Raboo’s initial presale stages hint at massive potential.

Raboo has captivated over 4,000 members and 1,400 token holders, amassing over $1 million. Priced at just $0.0042, analysts forecast a staggering 100x surge on launch day and a 233% rise during the presale.

Ride the wave: How Akash Network became crypto’s shining star

Akash Network emerged as a colossal player in the crypto realm last year, with its AKT coin skyrocketing over tenfold. A series of strategic moves by Akash Network, including the acquisition of the Cloudmos protocol by its parent company Overclock Labs, and its shift to open-source, significantly bolstered Akash Network’s market presence.

In a groundbreaking collaboration with ThumperAI, Akash Network also set new standards in decentralized computing by tackling the high costs and technical challenges of AI model training on its platform. This initiative not only showcased Akash Network’s innovative capabilities but also its commitment to transforming the AI sector through decentralized solutions.

The versatility of Akash Network’s platform, significantly amplified its appeal, leading to a 1,500% surge yearly. This uptrend was cemented when South Korea’s Upbit exchange listed AKT, catapulting Akash Network’s price to approximately $4.84 by April 2024.

NEAR Protocol: Pioneering the future of blockchain scalability and interoperability

NEAR Protocol has significantly advanced its blockchain technology. NEAR Protocol launched Phase 2 of its sharding strategy, showcasing stateless validation to enhance scalability and lower hardware demands for validators. This development underscores NEAR Protocol’s commitment to boosting decentralization and network performance.

Additionally, NEAR Protocol announced a partnership with Nym Technologies last year, coinciding with a surge in NEAR Protocol’s token price by over 240% yearly, demonstrating growing market confidence.

Furthermore, NEAR Protocol has been enhancing its Chain Abstraction vision, including innovations like Chain Signatures and the Multichain Gas Relayer, aimed at improving cross-chain interoperability and simplifying transactions across diverse blockchain networks. These efforts reflect NEAR Protocol’s dedication to enhancing its infrastructure and encouraging broader adoption within the blockchain community.

Raboo’s million-dollar presale is sparking a viral revolution in crypto

Raboo is making waves in the digital world with its unique blend of social-fi and meme magic. This revolutionary platform has garnered over $1 million in its presale, marking an exciting chapter in the ever-evolving meme-scape.

Social-fi combines social interactions with financial mechanisms, allowing users to earn rewards through engaging activities. Raboo leverages this innovative concept by integrating AI into its ecosystem. This integration enables token holders to compete in creating and sharing memes, transforming meme generation into a rewarding venture.

Raboo’s AI technology, Rabooscan, scans social media platforms for emerging memes, applying rigorous criteria to evaluate and enhance meme quality. This ensures that Raboo stays at the forefront of meme trends, continuously feeding its ecosystem with fresh, engaging content.


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