Apple and Hermès Launch New Watch Bands

Apple and Hermès have renewed their long-standing partnership for the new Apple Watch Series 9, unveiled Tuesday at the tech company’s Wonderlust event.

Apple worked with the French luxury house on a more eco-friendly collection of bands in new materials, including mesh and rubber, and the first-ever knitted band for the brand.

That would be the Bridon model, which is hand-braided and features a chevron pattern. The Kilim model is made of molded rubber, is waterproof and features a deployment buckle.

The collaboration also introduces two new woven bands. The Toile H model is an interpretation of the Hermès signature checked canvas. The Twill Jump is a solid shade with contrasting details, such as one colorway in Hermès’ traditional bright orange with khaki edging.

The new collection of Hermès bands “draws on the house’s rich history in textiles and craftsmanship,” Apple said in a statement.

A new watch face, Hermès Radial, also launched, intended to couple up with the new band styles.

“The Apple and Hermès collaboration is the meeting of two cultures united by common values: the quest for excellence and authenticity,” added Hermès, noting it is intended for customers to appreciate design, technology, materials and craftsmanship.

Apple Watch Hermes Series 9 boitier 41 mm en acier inoxydable bracelet Bridon double tour en maille coloris Navy

Hermès double turn Bridon bracelet in navy-colored mesh.

Apple also worked with Nike on lower-impact bands. The Sport Band model contains 32 percent or more recycled synthetic rubber, includes colorful flakes made from band excess that creates a unique design for each one, while the Sport Loop model is made of 82 percent recycled yarn and is carbon neutral, said Apple.

Other design features of the watch include spec improvements like the new models being able to handle Siri requests, and a double-tap feature that allows the wearer to use the index finger and thumb to answer a call.

Apple and Hermès first partnered in 2015, launching three designs in classic leather available in five colors, with the watches housed in Hermès signature orange boxes.

The announcement put to rest speculation swirling earlier this week among Apple enthusiasts that the two brands had parted ways after Hermès removed all Apple Watch-related products from its website ahead of the conference at the brand’s headquarters in California.

The new Hermès bands will be available in stores beginning Sept. 22.

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