As Hostages Return Home, Republicans Attack The Deal

Republicans are already criticizing the deal that secured the Iran hostage release as “the latest example of President Biden rewarding and incentivizing Tehran’s bad behavior.”

Mika Brzezinski introduced Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs Roger Carsons, who was on the plane home. “We’ll give the first question to Elise Jordan,” she said.

“That had to be an incredible plane ride. Can you talk about what these released prisoners were saying about their experience, how they felt to be free again?” Jordan said.

“It was great. Before they got on the plane, they had a chance to talk to Secretary of State Tony Blinken, who let them know how grateful he was to have them home and the president was equally grateful. Then we got on the plane. I got to watch from a distance five people have the first unfettered, unmonitored conversations they’ve had in years. I think my impression was that of people that were overjoyed experiencing freedom and connecting with each other. it was good to watch and good to participate in.”

“You just heard some of the pushback from Republicans, Mitch McConnell among them, who obviously welcomed home these Americans,” Jordan said.

“We should say again what heartwarming images these are right now, but who raised concerns about how it was done and fears that it may embolden nations like Iran to do something like this again. What would you response be?”

He said Congress was informed every step of the way, and that most people they dealt with were supportive of the effort to bring these Americans home.

“We took money from a restricted account in South Korea that the Iranians have had access to. We moved it to a much more restricted account in Qatar, where Treasury will have oversight over every single transaction and we’re restricting it to only buy humanitarian goods,” like food, medical supplies, and baby formula, Carsons said.

“Because we allowed that money to go from one account to a much more restricted account, five detainees came home. I think that’s a good deal. You mentioned a few Republicans spoke out against it. The one thing I can tell you is this is truly a bipartisan effort. Bringing Americans home is a nonpartisan effort. It’s an American problem. I think the majority of America is rejoicing that five Americans are reunited with their families.”

Remember, Joe Biden didn’t “pay” anything. This was Iran’s money anyway, despite what Republicans say.

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