Bannon Ready To Toss Mike Johnson Overboard: 'Next Man Up, Right?'

Steve Bannon advised Republicans after newly minted House Speaker Mike Johnson passed a clean CR that MAGA conservatives voted against that Mike Johnson has 75 days or he’s done. Republicans cannot govern; they only know how to break things, but sure, let’s listen to Bannon. By the way, does anyone know when he’s going back to court?

“EJ, what is your recommendation here of how we get serious?” Bannon asked. “Because right now, Johnson, it’s not serious. It’s, once again, kick the can down the road.”

“In 75 days, I’m going to solve it,” he said. “Well, brother, we’re going to hold you to that. If you can’t solve it or you don’t show the fight to solve it, hey, guess what? Maybe it’s time to revisit this.”

“I’m not sold on any one person,” he continued. “I’m sold on somebody who comes into the billet and wants to fight and wants to stand up here.”

“If it’s a God-fearing man like Johnson, God bless him,” he insisted. “I’m all in for that 1,000%. But if it’s not, hey, let’s move on to the next one. 100%, war room is there. Just say, hey, we’re in a crisis.”

“We have to deal like this in a crisis mode,” he added. “Next man up, right? You’re like on the bridge of a ship. Things get shot up. Guy’s not performing; get rid of him. Let’s bring up the next guy. Give a field promotion to some ensign.”

They are going to keep doing this. They haven’t figured out why they can’t agree on a Speaker. It’s because the Chaos Crew runs the whole show. Republicans created them; Donald Trump fueled them, and they still haven’t figured out how they got there or where they’re going.

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