Barr: Trump Talked Of Having His Critics Executed To 'Blow Off Steam'

Former Attorney General Bill Barr was one of Trump’s most prominent critics, but he came out this week to endorse the four-times indicted former President. Barr told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins that Trump “would lose his temper” and talk about having his opponents executed, but he’s OK with that because he doesn’t “think” Trump would carry through with executing his rivals. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is considering giving Presidents immunity for any crimes committed, even murder. Still, Barr says President Biden is a more significant threat to democracy.

“Alyssa Farah Griffin, who was Trump’s communications director, posted yesterday and said that you were present at a moment when Trump suggested executing the person who leaked information that he went to the White House bunker when those George Floyd protests were happening outside the White House,” Collins said. “Do you remember that?”

“I remember him being very mad about that. I actually don’t remember him saying executing,” Barr said. “But I wouldn’t dispute it, you know? I mean, it doesn’t sound — I mean, the President would lose his temper and say things like that. I doubt he would have actually carried it out. I don’t, you know.”

“But he would say that on other occasions?” Collins asked. “You said he would lose his temper.”

“The President, you know, the President had a — I think people sometimes took him too, literally,” Barr said. “And he would say things like, similar to that on occasions, to blow off steam. But I wouldn’t take him literally every time he did it.”

“Why not?” Collins asked.

“Because at the end of the day, it wouldn’t be carried out, and you could talk sense into him,” Barr insisted.

“But just because it’s not carried out, and you could talk sense into him, doesn’t that still mean that the threat is there?” Collins asked.

“No. I mean, I think — I don’t think the threat is there,” Barr said. “The thing that I worry about President Trump is not that he’s going to become an autocrat and do those kinds of things.”

“Why not?” Collins pressed.

“Because I don’t think he would,” Barr said.

“What’s the basis for that, that understanding that you have?” Collins asked. “Is it just your own hunch?”

“That’s my feeling, having worked for him and seen him in action,” Barr claimed. “I don’t think he would actually go and kill political rivals and things like that.”

Wow. That’s a great case against Presidential immunity. And yet, later in the interview, Barr said that Biden, who has never fantasized about killing his opponents, is somehow more of a threat to democracy. And he wants to give the keys to the White House back to Trump because he has a “hunch” that Trump wouldn’t have anyone killed. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

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