BEFE Coin's Spectacular Rise: Projected Takeover of PEPE and SHIBA INU

Following the way the BEFE coin has been rising in the past few weeks, this is looking likely that we might finally be seeing a meme coin project that will take over the record of SHIBA INU and PEPE. The meme coin market has been getting boring in the last few months with a slow response to price and less action coming from other meme coins. PEPE and SHIBA INU have dominated the meme coin market with a strong grip. But, for a few weeks now, we are beginning to see a new meme coin, BEFE coin, taking over the top position from these old players.

The BEFE coin has been implementing many strategies that are currently showing that the BEFE coin team knows what they are doing. First is the impressive way the team has been holding the community together which has seen it grow more than any other meme coin right now. Then other strategies such as getting it on reputable exchanges and creating a high reward system have all been contributing highly to the movement. 

But, we need to get closer to be able to see the big picture of how the BEFE coin is gradually taking over other popular meme coins like SHIBA INU and PEPE.

An Impressive Change In Price Over A Short Time

There has been a spectacular rise in the price of BEFE coins over the last 5 weeks that has caused a great shift of attention to the BEFE coin. Some early investors have recorded a growth margin of about 5000% in just a few months since its launch and some who even joined earlier have recorded more growth. This has caused a surge in the number of investors joining the BEFE project in the last few weeks, and with the closing of the Bitcoin halving, we are now seeing bigger growth. 

This continuously growing number of investors is already causing the price of BEFE to keep experiencing higher price movement. As this price movement continues higher, speculators have projected a near-time takeover that could see BEFE coin take over popular meme coins such as SHIBA INU and PEPE. And this is also coming with a potential for BEFE to continue performing better than these two popular meme coins soon.

Closing the Gap Through More Exchange Listing

Befe has already gotten close enough and could be taking over the market soon. But, for this to happen it needs more exchange to create more trading engagement. Interestingly enough, this is already happening with the BEFE coin taking a spot on popular exchanges, including Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Binance, and many others.

With these gaps already closing, we could see the BEFE coin take over the market in a few weeks from now.

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