Brit Hume: Climate Change Is A 'Distraction' And 'A Luxury'

How are your oil stocks doing, Brit?

This week’s Fifth National Climate Assessment, “issued every five years, is a definitive breakdown of the latest in climate science coming from 14 different federal agencies, including NOAA, NASA, the EPA, and the National Science Foundation. …This year’s report is more comprehensive than in previous because climate modeling has improved, and the authors took a more holistic look at physical and social impacts of climate change.”

The appropriate headline is clear: HUMAN HEALTH is at the mercy of our use of fossil fuels.

But Fox News’ (of course) octogenarian (not ageist, just relevant because he won’t be around for as much devastation as younger people) Brit Hume says “worrying about climate change is almost a luxury” and “climate change is a distraction.”

Major points off for not mentioning how libruls want to take away your GAS STOVES, Brit.

BRIT HUME (GUEST): Given the world situation we face now, with threats coming from multiple directions, climate change is a distraction. Climate change — worrying about climate change is almost a luxury. These are old-fashioned threats that come from, you know, world powers that wish us ill. And, you know, China may say “We’ll be competitors and we won’t be adversaries,” or the rest of it. I think China is an adversary. I think Russia is, too. And I certainly think Iran is.

And those threats are more immediate and more urgent than any threat that I think that climate change poses. So, let’s just hope that the administration, you know, doesn’t get too carried away with this.

You know, climate change is scary. Bad air, hurricanes and floods, drought, wild fires, and yes, polar vortexes, threaten human life on this planet.

But for Brit Hume, the real disturbance is JOHN KERRY sitting at a table.

I was a little disturbed to see John Kerry at the table there today, our climate czar, because, you know, he thinks that’s job one and I guess for him it is. But I don’t think in terms of our national defense posture it’s anywhere near job one.

Hey Brit, did you know that insurance companies, perhaps some insurance companies in your investment portfolio, are concerned that climate change is decreasing life expectancy and might affect their bottom line?

What happens to your stocks if the next rapidly developing Cat 5 hurricane destroys oil refineries in the Gulf of Mexico?

Won’t anyone think of the WALL STREET DIVIDENDS?

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