Captured Russian soldier testimony reveals mistreatment and harsh realities on the frontline — video

An interrogation video of a Russian soldier captured by Ukrainian fighters exposes Russia’s lies to its soldiers once again, Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Oleksandr Syrskyi shared on Telegram on Feb. 8.

The Russian soldier identified himself as Baliev Shamil Zakirovich, a 35-year-old private from the Republic of Bashkortostan, serving as a grenade launcher in the 4th Motorized Rifle Brigade.

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Zakirovich said he signed a contract on Nov. 2, 2023 due to financial difficulties and expected a rear deployment. Instead, he was sent to the frontline as “cannon fodder” without receiving the promised payment. He detailed the regular mistreatment of privates, including constant beatings by the command.

Everyone was kept in fear and was threatened to be “ended,” the invader said. He witnessed numerous instances of destroyed equipment and the corpses of fellow Russians while stationed at the frontline positions.

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Zakirovich talked about enduring constant shelling, Ukrainian drone attacks, and water supply problems, mentioning resorting to drinking their own urine due to scarce resources.

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