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Since 2004, Crooks and Liars has been a leading voice in progressive politics and liberal commentary. For two decades, this fiercely independent site has provided intelligent analysis, uncompromising criticism of right-wing extremism, and a Haven for hilarious mockery of conservative hypocrisy.

From eviscerating dishonest Fox News narratives to elevating underreported stories that cut against the mainstream media grain, Crooks and Liars’ commitment to truth-telling has never wavered. My fabulous team has built a media powerhouse that speaks truth to power, mainstream media both-sides norms be damned.

To mark this incredible 20-year milestone, we’re asking loyal readers to do something revolutionary – support quality independent journalism by purchasing a subscription today.

When you subscribe to Crooks and Liars, you’ll get an ad-free browsing experience across the entire site and the satisfaction of directly funding independent media.

Your subscription ensures Crooks and Liars can continue knocking bad-faith partisan hacks, dismantling right-wing disinformation, and spotlighting the stories that actually matter. Help us celebrate two decades of exposing the crooks and skewering the liars by becoming a paid subscriber today.

Times are tough for the left-wing media, but we won’t let billionaire-backed conservative outlets drown out our voices. Crooks and Liars has valiantly fought against Republican deceit in our “post-truth” world – and with your subscription, the resistance will be televised for another 20 years.

It’s more crucial than ever to support progressive, reality-based journalism. Celebrate two decades of Crooks and Liars by subscribing now – and thank you!

With gratitude, John Amato

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Any donation will be welcomed with open arms.

If you can, please subscribe.

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