Charlie Kirk Guest: All The Dinosaurs Were On Noah's Ark

The evangelical Christian right MAGA movement has a hard time rationalizing their beliefs with actual scientific facts.

Kirk brought on Randy Guliuzza, President of the Institute for Creation Research to “educate” his followers about actual dinosaurs and claim that some made it onto Noah’s Ark.

“How should we think about dinosaurs?” Kirk asked. As if that’s a conundrum to ponder.

Guliuzza made sure to posit that there were real dinosaurs on the planet before he began.

Well, hopefully everybody believes that there are dinosaurs or were dinosaurs on this planet.

You can see fossils of them buried by the thousands and thousands all over the world.

They were different types of creatures.

I think the best evidence indicates they were not reptiles directly themselves, but they were very reptilian in behavior, in form, that they were created.

The flying ones were created on day five, land ones created on day six, just as the Bible says, that they coexisted with humans up until the time of the flood, of which the vast, vast majority of them were destroyed.

They probably weren’t destroyed by some asteroid or hitting the planet and killing mostly just the dinosaurs, but not many other creatures.

So the vast majority were destroyed in the flood.

Some were obviously taken onto the ark by Noah, brought there.

They populated the earth, many parts of it, post-flood.

There’s evidence of people actually making drawings of dinosaur-like creatures.

And if you go to our museum at the Discovery Center in Dallas, Texas, we have a whole wall dedicated where photographic evidence shows drawings of people who have drawn these types of dinosaurs up until, like, the middle ages.

There’s even a perfect rendition of one from a temple in Cambodia showing a stegosaurus drawn on this, which was made in the 1400s.

So somehow, some way, they’ve either gone completely extinct, but they persisted with humans for quite a period of time.

Probably most of the legends about dragons are these dinosaurs, and so they’ve died out.

And perhaps the main reason why they died out after the flood is that humans killed them, like they’ve killed off other organisms on the planet.

So that’s how I’d say the best way to understand dinosaurs.

So how did Noah get a dinosaur on the boat? Actually, two. And why didn’t it eat all the other animals Noah saved? And which of the species did he manage to fit on that ark?

For all his university degrees, Guliuzza still doesn’t believe in evolution or Darwin. He used to believe the earth was 4.6 billion years old and that humans had evolved from an ape-like ancestor, but now he believes Genesis and the flood.

He’s a creationist to the nth degree so he tries to justify the existence of T.Rex, but utterly fails, as do most of these anti-science whackos.

By the way, there’s no textual support for his claims that dinosaurs were specifically created on days five and six, so he’s just making stuff up to sound scholarly.

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