Coachtopia Collaborates With Upcyle Designers on New Iterations of the Fan-favorite Ergo Bag and Recycled Shirt

Coachtopia has teamed up with four upcycle designers from across the globe to reimagine the brand’s fan-favorite Ergo bag and celebrate creativity in sustainability.

Coachtopia's Ergo bag designed by Anna Molinari

Coachtopia’s Ergo bag, designed by Anna Molinari.


The Coachtopia Ergo bag takes inspiration from an archival 1990s Coach silhouette. Crafted in a variety of colorways, the Ergo bag is made from at least 40 percent recycled or repurposed materials. Designers Anna Molinari, Tade Kayode-Newman and Zizi Zeng each adorned the classic style with their favorite textural details.

Coachtopia's Crinkle Patent Ergo bag designed by Tade Leye

Coachtopia’s Crinkle Patent Ergo bag, designed by Tade Kayode-Newman.

Kayode-Newman, a U.K.-based designer and upcycler, embellished the brand’s Crinkle Patent leather Ergo bag with spikes made from 100 percent recycled PET plastic. Molinari, an NYC-based designer and upcycler, redesigned Coachtopia’s leather Ergo bag with gunmetal grommets. Zeng, a Chinese NYC-based fashion blogger and student, decorated the brand’s Crinkle Patent Ergo bag with white lace bows.

Coachtopia's Crinkle Patent Ergo bag designed by Zizi Zeng

Coachtopia’s Crinkle Patent Ergo bag, designed by Zizi Zeng.


Additionally, Coach invited Sabrina Lau, a NYC-based graphic designer, to create a new bow graphic for Coachtopia’s recycled cotton Ts. Crafted from recycled cotton, the brand’s relaxed T-shirt is designed with a boxy silhouette.

All pieces are available to shop on in a selection of spring-inspired colorways.

Coachtopia's relaxed T-shirt designed by Sabrina Lau

Coachtopia’s relaxed T-shirt, designed by Sabrina Lau.


The release of these collaborative new products directly follows Coachtopia’s third “Lighter Bags, Brighter Futures” campaign starting “Barbie” actress Ariana Greenblatt. As the face of the campaign, Greenblatt modeled sustainably crafted clothing and handbags from Coachtopia’s Loop collection. With each piece made from 98 percent recycled PET plastic, the airy designs can be broken down and used for future projects through the brand’s own repurposing program.

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