Convicted Insurrectionist Convinced Trump Will Pardon Her

CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan featured Rachel Powell, the infamous Bullhorn Lady in his hour-long documentary “MisinfoNation: The Trump Faithful.” We’ve done a few posts on her at C&L as well. On October 17, 2023, Powell was sentenced to 57 months in prison and 36 months of supervised release. Powell began serving her sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution, Hazelton on January 9, 2024. According to O’Sullivan, she’s entirely unrepentant for her actions.

And who knows, she may get her wish if the American public decides they’ve had enough of the democratic experiment and opt for Trump instead. He’s said he’ll consider blanket pardons for all the January 6 insurrectionists.

Source: Mediaite

A Trump fan bound for prison over crimes related to the Jan. 6 riot told CNN correspondent Donie O’Sullivan she is certain former President Donald Trump will pardon her if he wins.

In one stunning exchange, Rachel Powell — who was convicted on eight charges and sentenced to prison last year — talked to O’Sullivan during her last days of freedom before reporting to prison.

At one point, Powell showed him an autographed Trump hat and said she’s certain Trump will spring her from prison if he wins:

O’SULLIVAN: And the man who incited it all he’s still the hero.

POWELL: So this hat says, Rachel, we love you, Trump.

O’SULLIVAN: Are you hoping Trump will pardon you?

POWELL: I know he’ll pardon me. That’s not a hope. I know that Trump will pardon me.

O’SULLIVAN (voice-over): Rachel still had faith in Trump even facing the election lies that were sending her to prison.

And what did O’Sullivan say about her?

WOLF: There’s a woman you interview, Rachel Powell, a mother who’s on her way to prison when you talk to her. Is she in prison now? Are you still in contact?

O’SULLIVAN: She is in prison. I actually received a letter from her this week from prison in West Virginia. She sent the letter, I think, more than a month ago. But it only arrived to me this week.

She’s hanging on to that hope that if Trump gets reelected, she’ll be pardoned. Obviously, there’s a lot riding on this election for her. It’s interesting, because obviously Trump has, particularly over the last few months, has really started spotlighting the people who had been prosecuted for January 6 and has very much been kind of portraying them as martyrs.

She’s in prison. She’s got a cellmate. But it doesn’t seem like the belief in Trump or anything like that has waned in any way.

Part of the interview seen above.

O’Sullivan is getting a bit of stick for calling her a devout Christian and mom of eight.

Powell tweeted this just before heading off to prison.

And the full segment.

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