Corrupt Paxton Demands Immunity For Trump Or 'Prosecute Obama'

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton claimed that it is legitimate to attempt to prosecute Barack Obama over his acts as President if Trump’s bizarre immunity claim fails at the Supreme Court.

Another day and another effort to defend Donald Trump from any and all prosecutions and criminal acts.

Q: Attorney General Paxton, on the off chance that the Supreme Court comes back and does not say presidents are immune from official acts, do you think your administration would pursue charges against, say, Barack Obama for the drone strikes and murdering of three American citizens?

Paxton: Yeah, so every state’s different. I don’t actually have the authority, unfortunately, in my state I cannot prosecute unless it’s referred by a district attorney, but I certainly think that if there’s no immunity, that that ought to be considered.

Paxton: That both sides ought to be treated exactly the same, and so if somehow Barack Obama should be prosecuted just like Donald Trump, they should be treated the same, and whatever the law is, it should apply equally to everybody.

Republicans are trying every trick to subvert Trump’s culpability for any illegal and immoral act he takes.

The drone argument is laughable on its face (even though it is tragic), but that’s all the MAGA cult has to work with.

They understand that even after hearing the nonsensical arguments put forth by some of the radical right-wing justices on the Supreme Court, granting a president absolute immunity for any action they take spits in the face of the U.S. Constitution and all the laws it holds dear.

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