Cosmos & Algorand Investors Attracted to Fezoo Presale for Its Competitive Edge Geared Up for Easter Surprises

Investors are spoiled for options in the current market. As a result, they have to come up with ways to decide from amongst their wealth of options. The best strategies all rely on finding out enough about the various options. 

An interesting way to separate projects is to see which one has the edge. Naturally, projects with more success translate into more returns for investors. A project that fits this well is Fezoo, a new crypto exchange with many selling points. Our analysis checks if it is promising and unravels the Cosmos and Algorand attention in the project. 

Cosmos Falling Slowly

It may not be too obvious but Cosmos is heading towards a more consistent decline. It has traded within smaller margins for some time now but is heading towards the lower bracket of this margin. Cosmos is worth $11.03 as of press time, crawling down from earlier highs of up to $14.18.

Despite starting March at around $11, Cosmos has only decreased by 8%. In currency, this is about a dollar gained after 30 days. It also decreased by 10% compared to the start of last week but this is hardly a reason to celebrate. 

Cosmos is some 3% down from 365 days ago, with very little progress for a whole year. Its recent performance suggests that rather than increasing this gap, Cosmos is likely to reduce it further. This also suggests investors could find better use of their funds elsewhere. 

Algorand Looking Limited

Algorand is a pure proof-of-stake layer-1 blockchain built for efficient transactions. Although development is often traced back as far as 2017, it was launched back in 2019. One of the main concerns of Algorand is energy efficient transactions, with the blockchain having only small energy consumed by each transaction. 

It was around this time last year that Algorand began to seriously decline. Its current price is 5.91% better than it was 365 days ago. But this feels minute and Algorand ALGO hasn’t improved that much. 

Its price as of press time is $0.2342 per unit. However, it doesn’t seem like an asset that can produce significant long-term gains. 

Is There a Road to Returns in Fezoo?

Cosmos and Algorand investors are investing in the new project, Fezoo but is this a wise decision? more importantly could the token bring good returns? Our investigation leads us to answer both in the affirmative. 

Fezoo is a decentralized ecosystem that connects traders for P2P crypto trading and exchanging. Users can buy, sell or trade various pairs and coins on the platform. It offers complete security, privacy and risk evaluation for traders. 

The utility token, Fezoo, opens users to even more within the ecosystem. Fezoo holders can vote on features or propose some themselves. Presale holders also earn some passive income from the revenue Fezoo gets. Impressively, Fezoo sells for only $0.013 per unit, cheap compared to much of the market.

Find out more about the Fezoo Coin presale by visiting the website here

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