Daily Wire Host Bizarrely Attacks Noem's 'Assassin Dog' Cricket

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has doubled down on her defense of murdering her 14-month-old puppy, Cricket, who, she said in her new book, she “hated.” Noem didn’t try to rehome Cricket to someone with a soul. She said she “hated that dog” and shot her dead by the gravel pit. Noem, who perhaps was trying to get the VP slot from Donald Trump, has doubled down on her defense after a bipartisan backlash. Gov. Puppy Killer is pretty much toast, but she has one person who is OK with her appalling actions: Daily Wire host Michael Knowles, who called Cricket an “assassin dog,” Media Matters reports.

“Yes, it was politically dumb for Noem to admit this. Yes, her political calculation misfired. I’m mixing metaphors. You get the point,” Knowles said. “But the third point is, Noem didn’t do anything wrong. You might say it wasn’t advisable. You might say there were better things she could have done. She could have given the dog up for adoption.”

“She could have tried to train the dog,” he continued while digging his hole deeper. “She could — there is nothing wrong with a human being humanely killing an animal. There’s nothing wrong. You’re all — not all of you, but many of you are eating meat right now. Very few people live on farms anymore, I guess. It’s a little bit different. You know, maybe if you live in the city, you take your puppy, you know, you take your little cat in a stroller down the sidewalk. I’m not joking. I have friends who’ve done this in the city.”

“They — they’ll put their animal in a stroller so that the poor little paws of the animal don’t touch the dirty sidewalk. And then you’ll go, and you’ll take them to a doctor, and you’ll pay thousands of dollars to treat the animal for whatever ailment or to try to train the animal psychologically, and sometimes that doesn’t work,” he insisted. “And then you’ll pay even more money to euthanize it. That doesn’t happen in the country. OK? That doesn’t happen on farms.”

Note: When Noem shot her goat on the same day, the poor thing didn’t die instantly, so she had to go get more ammo.

“And sometimes, if a dog is threatening people and if a dog is destroying other people’s property, sometimes you gotta put the dog down like Old Yeller. It would be one thing if Kristi Noem were torturing this dog like a serial killer or something,” he said. “That would be wrong. And it would be wrong — it’s wrong to mistreat animals, not because the animals have any rights — animals don’t have a rational soul. The reason it’s wrong, nevertheless, to mistreat animals is because it deadens our own humanity.”

Note: Old Yeller was put down after he was bitten by a rabid wolf while saving his humans. The doggo’s humans couldn’t risk Old Yeller becoming rabid and turning on the family. But he had puppies, which helped his humans overcome his death. This does not compare to the Republican Governor’s story. Cricket wasn’t rabid.

“CS Lewis writes about this extensively,” he continued. “If you are needlessly inflicting pain and suffering on some — suffering to the degree that an animal can suffer — on some poor creature, that’s deadening your humanity. That’s bad for — that’s what makes it wrong because you are a rational creature, and that’s harmful to your soul, and it’s harmful to society. But there’s nothing wrong, intrinsically, with humanely putting down a farm dog. A bullet to the head is about as humane away as you can put down any animal.”

“You say, well, Kristi Noem should have given it up for adopt — yeah, maybe,” he said. “I don’t know. Maybe she should have tried to train it harder. OK, I guess. What about the chickens, though, man? We’ve got all this sympathy for Cricket, the assassin dog. We got all this sympathy for this old nasty goat. What about the chickens? Won’t somebody please think about the chickens?”

“And more importantly, because I don’t really care about the chickens or the goat or, like, any of these things. Well, I don’t I don’t wish harm on these animals. I just don’t. They’re animals, though, guys. And I care a lot more about the owner of the chickens,” the dumbshit added. “And I care more about the people that the animals can threaten sometimes. We used to think that way. Fifty years ago, this political story would not have made anyone in most of America bat an eyelash. And the fact that it does today tells you something, not about the changing morality of putting down a farm animal, but about the changing politics of America.”

This isn’t 50 years ago, my dude. It’s 2024, and there are more humane ways to put a dog down; her reason is indefensible. And it doesn’t sound like she’s a good shot. “I hated that dog” is not a good reason. Cricket was just a puppy doing puppy things.

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