Dark Brandon MOCKS The Living S*t Outta Trump, Everyone Piles On

Trump had a challenging week. Sure, every week’s tough when you’re a toddler-level chode who owes a half billion dollars, have been adjudicated a rapist, are currently in court denying you paid a porn star hush-money and you should populate AHA brochures in the “what not to do” section to avoid heart disease.

But I digress. Everyone from sports anchors (Bob Costas) to comedians (everyone) to, best of all, Dark Brandon, got to mocking & ripping Trump this week. There were MSM headlines about Sleepy Don passing out and, well, emitting enough methane to speed up climate change by 100 years.

Watch as I break down everything, even the key purpose the sleepy/fart stories play beyond just a few second’s laugh–not joking, the impact in studies is real.

And Dark Brandon? Well, he lit Trump up like Rockefeller Center at Xmas. Even better? The key joke here managed to relay how pathetic Trump is while also making clear his extremism on abortion. Chef’s kiss!

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