Data security is now a “decisive” OEM brand differentiator

The rise of connected vehicles is enabling the seamless integration of users’ smart devices with in-cabin infotainment systems. The global in-car app market capitalising on this capability is expected to grow rapidly—from US$53bn in 2022 to around US$103bn in 2030, according to a report by consultancy firm DataM Intelligence.

While success in this arena has the potential to rewrite the historical customer-OEM relationship, it is nonetheless contingent on addressing an evolving cyber security landscape that requires manufacturers to think increasingly like tech companies.

Chris Roeckl, Chief Product Officer at unified mobile app defence platform Appdome, tells Automotive World that the degree of emphasis brands chose to place on data security is becoming just as important as speed, range, and feature specs. He outlines what cyber risks are most prominent today, how to remediate them, and the importance of mobile app security to automotive’s future.

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