Emerging AI Cryptos: How Raboo Stacks Up Against Industry Leaders Like Render and The Graph

Ever since the dominant synergy of AI and cryptocurrency burst into the cryptosphere, the rush to join the next unicorn trend has reached a crescendo. During this frenzy, Render and The Graphhave made their marks. However, a new challenger, Raboo, at just $0.0042, has emerged to disrupt the meme standard with innovative AI-powered DeFi solutions. But how does Raboo go against the established AI cryptos?

Render (RNDR): Empowering creators with cloud rendering technology

For over seven years after its launch, Render (RNDR) has remained undaunted in its commitment to improving the AI crypto market with democratized 3D and graphic rendering. Its features and cutting-edge technology were designed to decentralize the provision and distribution of 3D content by leveraging blockchain technology. At its heart, Render Network aims to provide an accessible, cost-effective, and efficient solution to the growing computational demand inherent in rendering.

On the technical front, Render (RNDR) has performed outstandingly. Its native token outperformed crypto and stocks with an over 200% YTD gain and an all time high of $13.60 last month. While Render excels in its utility, Raboo’s focus on the rapidly growing internet culture offers a unique proposition in today’s digital entertainment zeitgeist.

Raboo (RABT): Leading the meme revolution with AI wizardry

Despite being a newcomer, Raboo (RABT) has exemplified the invincibility of AI and blockchain’s cutting-edge technology. Unlike its predecessors, Raboo’s focus on creating an inclusive DeFi community that fosters financial freedom and active participation sets a new standard. Moreover, its AI-powered meme wizardry demonstrates the broader ways artificial intelligence can enhance blockchain technology and profitable interaction.

Since its presale started, this AI crypto has proven to be more than a mere token. It is a movement that infuses lightheadedness into the DeFi while providing a room for everyone to participate and prosper. Performance-wise, Raboo (RABT) maintains its trailblazer status after clinching a whopping million-dollar presale valuation in just weeks. Fortunately, the token is graciously positioned between the booming AI and meme market, and it’s only time before experts’ prediction of a 100x rise post-launch becomes a tangible reality.

The Graph (GRT): Permisisnless data indexing with GraphQL

The Graph (GRT) is another protocol that leverages the power of blockchain’s open-source DLT and artificial intelligence to bring much-needed data collection and indexing to Web3 to reality. The protocol uses GraphQL, a cutting-edge technology that represents a global API for data indexing, organization, and querying.

The Graph made a worthy contender to Raboo due to its focus on eliminating centralized limitations, including query security, the finality of property, chain reorgs, and others. However, The Graph has had a subpar performance compared to Raboo’s enigmatic presale success. Currently, The Graph (GRT) token has hovered around $0.26, with over a 36% drop in the past month.


AI crypto has defied every standard with its unimaginable innovation. Today, it’s Raboo, The Graph and Render proving that “three kings can coexist.” While this trio enters the limelight for their cutting-edge technology, Raboo remains a dark horse, trailblazing with record-breaking presale success and disruptive utility. Its presale price is still at an enticing $0.0042. Ape into RABT presale before the price goes 100x.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

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