Everyone Needs To CHILL OUT

Everyone needs to take a DEEP breath.

Inhale for four seconds.
Hold for four seconds.
Exhale for four seconds.


But really, we all need to slow down, turn off the news, breathe, look at nature and stop attacking each other.

Yes, debate night wasn’t great.

Yes, both candidates are old.

BUT the solution is not attacking each other, demanding Biden step down, etc.

TRUTH: I have no idea if Biden will be the candidate. No one can force Biden to step down – that is his choice alone.

LIE: No, there will not be an uprising at the convention that will somehow force him out. It is not possible based on DNC rules. So stop entertaining that.

TRUTH: The Supreme Court is completely corrupt. Accept that.

LIE: Biden cannot just “pack” the court and throw a bunch of new justices on right now. But, if he is reelected, he can replace any justices that retire/die in the next term.

TRUTH: Trump is absolutely corrupt. He was convicted of 34 felonies. Yes, sentencing was delayed until September to allow Judge Merchan to review the SCOTUS immunity ruling. This is not a bad thing. It allows him the chance to ensure that the conviction stands (it SHOULD) and that he can sentence Trump appropriately.

LIE: Trump is immune from everything. Please ignore the massive amount of disinfo from the left AND right. He is NOT immune from everything. Just a specific type of “official” acts committed while in office.

TRUTH: Most likely, the Jan 6th trial in DC will happen – eventually. There are 4 charges – all 4 may not be able to move forward, but not all 4 will be dismissed. It is possible that the trial starts before election day, but no case will END before election day. Accept that.

LIE: Trump will be thrown in jail before election day. Or he is going to get away with everything. Both are way too black or white. The reality is, the conclusion will be somewhere in between. Justice WILL get him, it just may be a bit later than we all want.

TRUTH: We all have to vote DEMOCRAT in November, up and down the ticket. I do not care who the nominee is. JUST VOTE BLUE. No 3rd party protest vote. No ignoring the President part and vote down ballot. NO. That is not the answer. You do not need to love the candidate, but you DO need to love our country. This is reality.

LIE: Your vote is not a big deal. You can vote 3rd party and protest to make a statement. Next time you will vote blue. DO NOT DO THIS.

Listen, we are all drained. The media is pushing this “Biden needs to drop out” and “sources are telling us that he has lost his marbles and naps all day” crap because they want us enraged and glued to the tv for updates. This is coming from the far right and the far left and the middle.


Go outside. Breathe fresh air. Watch local news and stop watching CNN or MSNBC or whatever your choice of national news is. They want a horserace. Do not give it to them.

At the end of the day, we will all be voting on November 5th. If anyone starts on “Biden is too old…” or whatever, just stop them and say “I am voting Democrat up and down the ticket” and tell them to move on. Do not engage. Because honestly, it isn’t worth it. The disinfo has reached EPIC levels in the last few weeks and it is even too much for me! My anxiety, 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. I am taking a break from national news. For my sanity. And you can (and should) too.


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