Family Of Slain Michigan Woman Angered By Trump's Speech

The family of slain Michigan woman Ruby Garcia were angered by Trump’s speech in Grand Rapids, where he lied about speaking with them while exploiting her death to drum up hatred for undocumented immigrants. Trump was once again dehumanizing people who are coming to the United States as less than human, and calling them “animals” in an attempt to whip up his racist base.

Here’s more on the family’s response to Trump’s lie-filled speech:

The sister of murder victim Ruby Garcia said she and her family were home watching live, in disbelief, as former President Donald Trump told an audience in Grand Rapids that he had spoken with “some of her family.”

“He did not speak with any of us, so it was kind of shocking seeing that he had said that he had spoke with us, and misinforming people on live TV,” Ruby Garcia’s sister, Mavi Garcia, told Target 8.

Mavi Garcia, the family spokesperson, said neither Trump nor anybody from his campaign has contacted her or anybody in her immediate family. She said her family is close and she would know if that had happened.

“It was shocking. I kind of stopped watching it. I’d only seen up to that, after I heard a couple of misinformations he said, I just stopped watching it,” Mavi Garcia said.

The right wing and networks like Fox have been exploiting Garcia’s murder in yet another example of their manufactured “crisis” of “migrant crime,” that doesn’t exist, cherry-picking stories like this one to try to terrify their audience.

As the article from Grand Rapids noted, the family hit Trump for doing just that and politicizing the death:

She said she’s angry that Trump and others have turned her sister’s death into something political.

“It’s always been about illegal immigrants,” she said. “Nobody really speaks about when Americans do heinous crimes, and it’s kind of shocking why he would just bring up illegals. What about Americans who do heinous crimes like that?”

“The focus should be on my sister right now, who she was in life. I want people to remember who she was in life,” she continued.

The Michigan Democrats responded appropriately to Trump’s disgusting lie.

And there’s this from Ron Filipkowski:

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