Fashinnovation Cofounder Jordana Guimaraes Joins Decommerce as ‘Community Builder’

Jordana Guimaraes, cofounder of Fashinnovation, has joined Decommerce as a community builder.

Decommerce offers “white label community enablement solutions” while empowering brands “to own, nurture, and gamify their community relationships.” The activations are done on a brand’s own site, and are designed to make online shopping personal with human interactions.

Roy Bernheim, cofounder of Decommerce, met Guimaraes in Paris during one of her business leaders meetings. During the conversation, Guimaraes and Bernheim spoke of the importance of community “and they both realized they went into the topic in similar, yet different and very complementary ways,” the organization said in a statement.

“I knew as soon as I heard how Decommerce is approaching community and delivering the ease of building one for all industries that I wanted to take part in pushing the technology out to the world,” Guimaraes said. “Also, the biggest reason why I jumped at wanting to become a patrol of their team is that I saw a clear why behind the cofounders’ motivation for starting the business, which inspired me tremendously.”

Bernheim and Allan Perrottet, also a cofounder of Decommerce, said in a joint statement that they are excited that Guimaraes will lead communication and community building “where she’ll significantly upgrade the Decommerce storyline and help bring it to life. This by bringing her ecosystem to learn more of the importance of what Decommerce is providing through content strategies, creative projects, special events, and more.”

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