Felon 45 Hopes For A Terrorist Attack

During a press gaggle on Monday, diminished Donald said, with “100% certainty,” that there will be a terrorist attack within our country’s borders because of immigration.

FELON45: Millions and millions of people are pouring into our country illegally, and many come from prisons.

They come from jails. They’re terrorists. Nobody’s ever seen it. They come from, by the way, I saw a report this morning.

They’re coming in from mental institutions all over the world. They’re pouring in.

And it makes sense. Why would somebody running a country where it costs so much money, why would they keep the people? They’re dumping them into our country, mental institutions, jails and prisons. They’re coming into our country.

What does this even mean? When will the NY Times run story after story on Trump’s mental fitness? Much of what he says is a jumbled-up mess of wingnut talking points delivered incoherently.

FELON 45: And a lot of terrorists are coming in.

This is really bad. I heard somebody yesterday say 100 percent happened to be Sean Hannity.

Did you ever hear of Sean Hannity? He said 100 percent certain that there’ll be some horrible acts, terror acts.

And that’s the answer.

It’s 100 percent.

It’s 100 percent.

The people coming into our country, it’s 100 percent certain.

If I was a conspiracy nut, I would be asking if Trump’s MAGA cult is planning a false flag attack on US soil to undermine President Biden.

This is wack, coming from a presidential candidate.

MAGA surrogates are like a single organism that spews out the same garbage day in and day out. Claiming a terrorist attack is forthcoming has been a constant refrain. It’s gross.

If something were to happen, I’d blame Trump for giving terrorists permission to attack. He undermines this country every time he opens his maggot-filled mouth.

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