Fetterman Tells Matt Gaetz To Get His 'Sh*t Together'

Pennslyvania Senator John Fetterman knows that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden isn’t serious. It’s a game of tit-for-tat because Republicans are still upset about former President Donald Trump’s two impeachments. Fetterman ran into a tweet from MAGA Rep. Matt Gaetz.

“The evidence against Joe Biden is overwhelming,” Gaetz said without offering any evidence. “A first-year law student could win this case for impeachment before a fair jury.

“Unfortunately, the United States Senate isn’t a fair jury. It’s full of fashion icons like John Fetterman,” he said sarcastically.

Rep. Rapey McForehead got more into that on Steve Bannon’s podcast, so Fetterman dropped in on Twitter to tell the Florida Rep. to get to work. We’re headed for a government shutdown.

“Government shutdown in t-minus 16 days,” Fetterman tweeted to Gaetz. “Instead of crying about how I dress, how about you get your shit together and do your job, bud?”

Twitter users were thrilled.

Does Gaetz know that Fetterman isn’t in a fashion show?

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