Flat-earther Kandiss Taylor Predicts Violence From Christians

Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor, the flat earth nutjob and now a GOP chair in the state threatened “Extreme accountability” to anyone who tries to stop a Christian nationalist take-over of the USA.

Psycho Stew Peters ranted that he wants the church to run the states and Jesus to be in charge

“We are the church and we run the state even if they don’t believe it,” Taylor said. “If they keep pushing around the American people (MAGA cultists) and they keep playing all these games, they’re gonna find out.”

If nobody knows the church is running the state then what?

“How they gonna find out?,” a giggling Peters asked.

“Extreme accountability,” she replied.

“I love it, ” Peters cackled.

Peters was in rapture of her words.

As Right Wing Watch points out, “Extreme accountability” means public execution.

This is the Republican party.

Open thread this beotch.

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