Former Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin barred from home by court order amid divorce

Former Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has been barred from his Anchorage mansion after his estranged wife claimed he has been harassing her, and entering the residence without permission amid their ongoing divorce case.

In a motion later granted by Jefferson County Family Court Judge Angela Johnson, Glenna Bevin said though she and the former governor have been living separately since late 2021, Matt Bevin continually drops by her Anchorage residence without notice several times a week.

During these visits, Glenna Bevin alleges that Matt Bevin tries to speak with her about the divorce case without legal counsel present and will follow her “from room to room and even into the bathroom or my bedroom” when she tries to walk away.

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“To me, his conduct is aggressive and unsettling,” Glenna wrote in an affidavit.

In response, Matt Bevin denied her allegations and said her description was “designed to embarrass and malign” him. He said the house on Nutwood Road is better equipped for him to spend time with their children and where all family gatherings have historically been held. In his response, he also notes he does not want to go through the divorce while also agreeing talks of the legal case can be done through their separate attorneys.

Granting Glenna Bevin’s motion, Johnson said Matt Bevin seems to be “a caring father” who wants to preserve normalcy for the family throughout the legal proceedings.

“While the Respondent (Matt Bevin) admitted that he did not want the divorce, the Respondent seems to be trying to keep the parties’ relationship and maintain a ‘business as usual’ environment. However, the truth of the matter isthat the parties are getting a divorce,” Johnson wrote. “Normalcy and the ‘business as usual’ environment are gone. While the Respondent can delay these changes, these changes are happening.”

Johnson gives Glenna Bevin exclusive access to the property because Matt Bevin has acknowledged he has not slept at the home in the last two years.

Matt Bevin has until May 6 — one week from April 30, when the order was entered — to remove “essential items” that he may need, such as clothes or work items. For non-essential items, such as televisions, Bevin must ask his wife for permission before removing them.

Per the order, Matt Bevin is now required to ask Glenna Bevin for permission before he can enter the home. This is also true for Glenna Bevin if she wants to go to the former governor’s separate home. Neither person is allowed to destroy or remove any item that may belong to the other person while the divorce proceeds.

“In the interest of fairness while the divorce is being finalized, the Nutwood home shall be listed within 60 days from the entry of this order,” Johnson wrote.

Johnson also approved Glenna Bevin’s request for her and Matt Bevin to communicate solely through the parenting app, “Our Family Wizard.”

Matt Bevin has now requested the court to seal his divorce case from public access to prohibit media attention and public discourse due to his status as the former Kentucky governor.

Bevin, a Republican, was elected governor of Kentucky in 2015, serving one term in office. He was defeated in his 2019 bid for reelection by Andy Beshear.

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Sealing the case would prevent “public dissemination of their finances, business interests an other personal information relating to their family,” Bevin wrote in the motion.

That motion is still pending.

This article originally appeared on Louisville Courier Journal: Matt Bevin divorce: Judge bars ex-governor from home

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