Fox And Friends Says MacySteve Bannon Planning To Sell 'Trump Davidian'Fox And Friends Says Macynull Merch

Let’s see how Fox and Friends is avoiding talking about the GOP Fails today!

War on Christmas? Close… The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is having too much of teh gay up in there.

You mean, Broadway Barbara Streisand cover song gay?

Sigh. Conservatives always miss the subtext, don’t they?

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): What prompted this action? Is it just their presence at a parade that’s known for wholesome family activity?

KRISTEN WAGGONER (PRESIDENT, ALLIANCE FOR DEFENDING FREEDOM): I think that’s part of it, but Disney’s box office flops like The Marvels, as well as Macy’s inclusion of a nonbinary transgender character in a parade is just another example of an ideological war that’s being waged on families, and customers are saying they have had enough. But it seems that corporate brands that were once trusted just still aren’t getting the message. So I think you are seeing parents stand up, rise up and say we’re going to parent. And we expect our family-friendly events to truly be family-friendly and not teach our children values that we object to.

Oh jeez, Karen. Or Kristen. Must you be so tiresome? Nonbinary transgender people are way more family-friendly than the conservative pastor child molesters peppering the news cycle every other week. Congrats on your exposure, though.

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