Fox Guest Whines That Tish James Is Coming For Trump's Campaign Cash

Fox host Charlie Hurt and his guest, former Supreme Court Clerk Chris Landau, did their best to conflate Trump’s personal and business assets with his campaign donations while whining about the looming deadline in New York this Monday. They started things off with a fairly honest assessment of what’s likely to happen:

HURT: Donald Trump has until tomorrow to pay a $454 million bond in his new civil fraud case. If he misses the deadline, State Attorney General Letitia James can freeze his bank accounts and begin proceedings to seize his assets, as the former president threatens to take this all the way to the Supreme Court. But, will that work?

Former Supreme Court Clerk Chris Landau joins us now. Great to have you, Chris. Thanks for joining us.

LANDAU: Good morning, Charlie.

HURT: So tell me, you know, I understand how all this sort of has been playing out politically, but how is this going to work? What is this going to look like tomorrow?

LANDAU: Tomorrow’s going to be an interesting day. The deadline for posting the bond will run tomorrow, and that means unless the president posts the bond, the attorney general can start seizing his property.

So it’s going to be a cliffhanger whether or not the president’s able to post a bond with some of this new money that he has, or the New York courts might step in and say that the bond requirement is excessive and stay the judgment pending the appeal without the full bond.

Then it took a turn to conspiracy-land, with Landau carrying water for Trump, pretending he’s done nothing to bring this on himself, and calling it “election interference.”

HURT: So we could see that happening within the New York courts. It wouldn’t necessarily have to go to the Supreme Court to first see that some intervention, where somebody says, okay, stop this. This is insane.

LANDAU: Correct. I mean, there’s two tracks right now. There’s the underlying appeal, that it seems to me has a good chance or a decent chance of getting up to the U .S. Supreme Court on his challenge to the underlying judgment against him.

But then there’s this preliminary skirmish over the bond, which would prevent, if you post the bond, that would prevent the attorney general from already executing on the judgment while the appeal is pending.

I think this surprises a lot of people. They think that you can’t move to execute a judgment while the legal process, the appeal is going forward. That’s not correct. As soon as the trial court enters the judgment, even if you’re gonna take an appeal, the successful party, the holder of that judgment, can start already executing on properties, notwithstanding the appeal.

Of course, if the appellant wins, then they have to give back the money. But of course, in Trump’s situation, it’s very difficult to come up with the money in advance to cover the appeal bond. And I think that’s where they want to have him, to try to take away all his cash right now during this critical political moment.

This is election interference, very blatant and brazen.

This is Trump running for president again so he can stay out of prison, not anyone trying to put him in prison because he’s running for president, but as usual, it’s opposite-land over on Fox.

Hurt then asked Landau about Trump’s prior statement, where he very well may have committed perjury, that he had at least $400 million in cash.

HURT: So, one of the things I thought was really interesting was, you know, a lot of people criticized Trump for, they said that he contradicted his lawyers when he says that, when he said that he had $500 million, you know, in the bank.

But he also said he wanted to use it for his political campaign. So in a way, what he was pointing up is the fact, just your point, that this really is election interference. They’re actually, she’s trying to go after the money he wants to use in order to run a campaign for the presidency.

LANDAU: Correct. They are trying to bankrupt a political opponent in the middle of their campaign and tie up all his cash so he can’t use it to campaign, and instead it’s got to be used to bond what’s essentially a phony, bogus judgment.

You know, this is just outrageous. Americans should be out in the streets banging pots and pans, given what’s going on. I mean, we’ve never, this is banana republic stuff that they’re trying to, you know, use up all his money so he can’t use it for the campaign.

HURT: It is truly outrageous. Thank you for joining us this morning, Chris Landau.

More perpetual victimhood from the Trump apologists at Fox. The NY AG isn’t coming for any of Trump’s campaign donations, but Trump sure is willing to use those donations to pay his legal bills. They want to keep their viewers confused so the rubes don’t understand what actually happened after Trump milks them dry.

Here’s more from the AP on their ridiculous claim that Trump was going to spend that $500M (if he even has it) to fund his own campaign:

In a post Friday on his Truth Social platform, Trump suggested he had enough cash to at least cover the judgment in full — but didn’t think he should have to spend it that way.

“Through hard work, talent, and luck, I currently have almost five hundred million dollars in cash,” he wrote in all caps, adding that he had planned to use “a substantial amount” on his presidential campaign.

Trump has never before suggested that he would contribute to his own 2024 campaign and has been soliciting contributions from outside donors since before he left the White House. When he ran in 2016, Trump repeatedly claimed that he was self-funding his campaign, even though he relied on donor funds.

“I don’t need anybody’s money,” he said in his announcement speech in 2015. “I’m using my own money. I’m not using the lobbyists, I’m not using donors. I don’t care. I’m really rich.”

In the end, Trump ended up spending about $66 million of his own cash in loans and contributions on that race — far less than the $100 million he frequently promised.

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