Fox Host Confronts GOPer Over Narcissism: 'It's All About Nancy Mace'

Fox News host Neil Cavuto confronted South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace over her narcissism. Most of us would be horrified to be classified as a narcissist, but Mace didn’t seem surprised.

“I understand that, and I know maybe given your rising fame and only two terms now, seeking a third. You’ve certainly gotten a lot of people’s attention,” Cavuto said. “But a lot of your colleagues just don’t know what to make of you.”

“There was a time that you liked Kevin McCarthy,” Cavuoto said, then noted that she changed her mind shortly after and threw her support behind Steve Scalise. And now she supports Mike Johnson.

“That’s great, but they don’t trust you,” he continued. “In fact, there’s this Washington Post story that says how do you talk to a narcissist? A lot of people feel that you’re a narcissist. It’s all about Nancy Mace. What do you say?”

“Politics sure is an ugly business, isn’t it?” Mace said. “And when you are on the rise, people are going to attack you no matter what, and I didn’t read the Washington Post article. I, quite frankly, don’t care what the Washington Post thinks about me. I care about what my constituents in my state and the people across this country that I’m trying to support.
I care what they think.”

On an aside, was she just caring about her constituents when she ran with a story about Antifa allegedly vandalizing her home, but the ‘perpetrators’ used her exact same handwriting? Narcissists need a constant supply of attention.

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