Fox News Issues Correction After Trump Claims Abortions After Birth

Fox News host Howard Kurtz issued a correction on Sunday after former President Donald Trump claimed Democrats perform abortions after birth.

During an interview on Fox News, Kurtz asked Trump if his 16-week abortion ban could become law.

Trump noted that justices he appointed to the Supreme Court had helped to destroy Roe v. Wade abortion protections.

“They did and you know, they did something that from a lot of standpoints is extremely good, number one, the Democrats are the radicals on this issue because it’s okay to have an abortion in seven eight nine months and even after birth,” Trump opined. “We want to help women with Roe, you take a look at what was going on: abortions in the 7th, 8th, and 9th month. One thing that you say is nobody wants that killing of a baby after the baby’s born.”

Trump pointed to remarks made by former Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D).

Following the interview, Kurtz issued a correction.

“On late-term abortions, former Virginia governor Ralph Northam did say that in cases of severe deformity or non-viable fetus, the mother and doctors would decide one to do once the baby was born,” Kurtz explained. “But later backed off with a spokesperson saying he was not talking about killing babies, but extremely rare and tragic cases.”

“A CDC survey says fewer than 1% of all abortions take place at or after seven months of pregnancy.”

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