Fox News' Joe Concha Loses His Lunch Over Chuck Todd

Fox News contributor Joe Concha told Fox Business’ Stuart Varney that he wanted Chuck Todd to be fired from NBC because he dared to have an opinion about election denier Ronna Romney McDaniel’s hiring.

The former host of Meet The Press slammed NBC executives for hiring Ronna McDaniel as a contributor.

That was too much for the snowflake Concha, who had steam pouring out of his ears over Todd’s opinions.

“If I’m the president of NBC News, the minute Chuck Todd stepped off that set of his former show, Meet the Press, yesterday, I would have told him to take a mandatory two-week vacation at a minimum,” Concha raged. “And during that vacation, I would consider firing him.”

This statement made me laugh.

“The egos on these people are impossible to quantify,” Concha said. Pot, kettle, much?

Concha actually called NBC News the Politburo, the highest political organ of the central committee in communist parties.

“And it’s so ironic that this very network, Stu, that screams about saving democracy and the importance of free speech, is basically the Politburo network at this point, as far as differing views,” he said. “To your point, let’s get both sides.”

Maybe Concha can take a look in the mirror since both Fox News channels rarely give any opposing views to their MAGA overlords. They continually black out most of Trump’s insane actions and rantings and lie to their audience about anything to the left of Mussolini.

Varney was even surprised by Concha’s ravings.

“You think he should be fired?” the host asked. “Really? That’d be a big deal at NBC.”

“Yeah, I think so,” Concha replied, adding, “So stop lecturing your bosses on the air. If you have a problem with this hiring, you pick up a phone or you walk into an office, a corner office over at 30 Rock, and you say, I have a problem with this and this is why. You don’t publicly go out there and embarrass them.”

As his parting shot, he repeated, “I’m sorry, if I ran that network, he’s gone.”

Well hey, Joey, If we ran Fox News, you’d have been sacked years ago, along with creepy stalker Jesse Watters and Little Miss Trumpet Kayleigh McEnany. But you don’t, and for once Chuck Todd was right. Free speech doesn’t mean every network should platform (and pay for) lies. Let Fox News own that space.

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