Getting Ready for ‘The Great Gatsby’ Broadway Opening Night With Noah J. Ricketts

For the opening night of his new Broadway show “The Great Gatsby,” there was no question of what color Noah J. Ricketts would wear.

“Every year I pick a color that represents how I want to show up in the world. This year was red. It represents passion and power,” the actor says.

With that in mind, he designed a suit himself and had it custom made by his tailor, Phuong. 

“She is truly a genius,” he says.

For accessories, he also knew just where to turn. 

“As a fun hobby, I go to school for jewelry design in Brooklyn. I’ve been a longtime fan of Brooklyn jewelry designer Bernard James. He was so kind to lend me these really special pieces for the opening night of ‘The Great Gatsby,’” Ricketts says of his finishing touches. “I felt like I needed a watch to complete the look and Omega was kind enough to lend me this classic watch. Timeless, beautiful and the perfect homage to Jay Gatsby.”

He paired the look with boots by Ernest W. Baker. “I needed something sleek to complement the red suit and these were the perfect choice. The heel is the perfect height, and the patent leather gives the outfit that added pop,” he says. 

Opening night included many tender moments with the rest of his cast, all reveling in their big moment. 

“The best part about this job is getting to work with the other actors. Putting on a Broadway show is tough, so you become like family,” he says. “There is nothing like opening a Broadway show. These are the moments I dreamed about as a kid and I’m so lucky it’s become my reality. These are the moments I’ll never forget.”

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