Giuliani Gives Bonkers Advice To Mike Johnson & Jim Jordan

America’s LOL Mayor has some dangerous advice for House Speaker Mike Johnson and Rep. Jim Jordan, but only the latter might listen. Former President Donald Trump was impeached for this very thing, but go ahead, guys, and listen to Rudy.

“It should begin with him, and it should include Brennan; it should include Biden, the Vice President, who approved it and helped out,” he said after mentioning Hillary Clinton, because of course. “They should bring over from Ukraine about 20 Ukrainian witnesses, I can get them, that are still being held there.”

Note: I feel like this has all happened before.

“A couple I found out very recently are in fear of death,” he added. “And somebody should lean on Zelensky. If you want another penny, give us your Biden file.”

Lumpy was impeached the first time after he was accused of breaking the law by pressuring Ukraine’s leader, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, to dig up damaging information on a political rival, Joe Biden. It is illegal to ask foreign entities to help win a US election. But Rudy wants a wash, rinse, a repeat of that old song.

Shouldn’t he be busy gathering the $148 million he owes two Georgia election workers? That’s a lot of money, Rudy. It would be hard to earn it in prison, and you’d look ridiculous in those little outfits, but you be you, boo.

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