GOP Congressman DESTROYS Matt Gaetz; 'Paid' For 'Sex..At Drug Parties'

The collection of mooks that make up the current MAGA roster is what many of us saw coming years ago. It’s been a long death spiral, highlighted by “I’m not a witch” and “2nd Amendment solutions,” “palling around with terrorists” and “s*thole countries.”Most recently, a puppy killer.

So in principle it’s not shocking to know that irritable bowel syndrome spokesperson Matt Gaetz so personally targeted a GOP colleague, Rep. Tony Gonzales, that the latter felt compelled to go on tv and go after him for “minors” and “sex” and “drug parties.” And, oh, yeah, he had more to say. A lot more. You should really watch the video…

I have no love for Gonzales, who is awful like virtually every elected Republican (a few are only mostly awful). But Gaetz, who led the ousting of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker, is a boy serving in a role best handled by a man or woman. He takes it to a different level. He’s special.

So MAGA is at war with itself, with the fire of petty feuds burning among many of its membership. Get ready for us to hear a lot more talk like what Tony Gonzales said. B/c as one might say of a movie sequel, among this group of ill-mannered children fighting over the playground swing, “this time, it’s personal.”

And like a good sequel you’ll wanna watch this video for what Tony Gonzales has to say, but also the words of a few others. Including me! I quickly break it all down. Ya know, with a few jokes mixed in. So check out the video and subscribe to my channel where I produce videos like this every day!

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