Gov Puppy Killer Deletes Official Social Media Accounts

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, who penned the book ‘No Going Back’ that detailed her murdering a puppy, horses, and at least one goat, has apparently decided to delete her official social media accounts on Xittet, Instagram, and Facebook after a furious bipartisan backlash. As it happens, America loves puppies.

Her lack of empathy might have made her ripe for a vice presidential role with the felon, but she was buried for the murder of Cricket, her puppy, and the lies in her book was challenging to keep up with.

Lies, lies, and more lies. I’ll leave just a few examples.

“While in Paris, I was slated to meet with French president Emmanuel Macron,” Noem wrote in her book “No Going Back.” “However, the day before we were to meet, he made what I considered a very pro-Hamas and anti-Israel comment to the press. So, I decided to cancel.”


Macron condemned Hamas over its Oct. 7 attack on Israeli citizens.

She lied about meeting North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, where she said he underestimated her and she stares down tyrants.


They never met.


She lied when she said that Nikki Haley threatened her, and then she called herself an alpha female (LOL) in contrast to the former South Carolina Governor.


That never happened.

As I noted, the backlash was bipartisan.

Noem’s personal account on Xitter is still active.

Bye-bye, gf.

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