Hilarity Ensues As RNC Labels MAGA Mike Johnson As A Biden 'Handler'

They got Biden this time, you guys. Republicans have tried so hard to catch Joe Biden at anything, and finally, they did it! The President went down some stairs, which was all caught on video. All of it. It’s time for us to pack up and go home.

The RNC runs the RNC Research Xitter account, and I’m not sure which clown posted this on social media. Still, it says, “Biden slowly descends the Capitol steps (as his handlers keep a watchful eye), points toward his motorcade, and shuffles back into his limo. Vigor!” Yes, those famous Biden handlers, Republican House Speaker MAGA Mike Johnson, and the Prime Minister of Ireland Leo Varadkar.

A community notes warning was quickly slapped on the tweet (xeet?), and social media users did their thing.

First, Republicans went after President Biden because of his age, even though he’s only three years older than Assholini. That didn’t work, so they went after Joe over the economy even though, by any measure, we’re far better off than we were four years ago when we didn’t have toilet paper to wipe our asses, and grocery store shelves were empty. And now they’re back with the age thing, claiming that the President lacks vigor as if former President McHamberders worked out and ate healthy foods. They really need to come up with new material. That’s not even a good try.

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