Horrifying New Ad Shows Life If Trump's Project 2025 Takes Place

So-called ‘small government’ conservatives are champing at the bit to get all up in your business to control every aspect of your life with Trump’s Project 2025, which they want to implement with their staunch religious fanatism. Mike Davis, a potential candidate for U.S. Attorney General, says that if Trump wins the election, the Project 2025 agenda will impose “consequences” for Americans who don’t support Trump. A reminder: Trump did not win the popular vote so that they will be targeting a fuckton of Americans in the felon’s quest for retribution. The felon, who vowed to be a dictator “on Day 1” of his presidency and to “terminate” or reject the Constitution, is trying to distance himself from Project 2025. Still, the people who worked on it are a long list of Trump insiders, including some of Trump’s most senior advisers.

The Lincoln Project released an ad showing what Trump’s Presidency could be like with Project 2025.

“November 5, 2024, Donald Trump defeats a divided and dispirited democratic campaign,” the narrator says. “On January 20, 2025, Donald Trump is sworn in as the 47th President of the United States. Unfortunately, he keeps his promises.”

“Trump seizes control of a divided government, signing hundreds of executive orders implementing Project 2025,” the ad continues. “Trump replaces over 50,000 civil servants with hardline MAGA loyalists. The federal oath of office now requires declaring loyalty to the President, not the Constitution. Protected by the Supreme Court’s grant of total immunity for official acts, Donald Trump orders the Department of Justice to arrest members of the January 6th Commission, current and former DOJ employees, and political opponents for treason, election interference, and conspiracy. He declares it to be an official act.”

“Trump ends birthright citizenship by executive order and turns millions of American-born citizens into illegal aliens overnight. Mass deportations begin, the ad says. “Hundreds of thousands, including legal U.S. residents and American citizens, are imprisoned in newly built camps. Protests erupt.”

“Trump addresses the nation from the Oval Office, invoking the Insurrection Act and declaring the protesters a danger to American sovereignty,” the narrator continues. “He orders the National Guard to use deadly force to suppress the protests. In the wake of the bloody violence, Trump declares nationwide martial law, awarding himself new powers under the freshly signed American Sovereignty Protection Order, which defines protestive immigration policies as non-protected speech and a threat to national security.”

“Governors in New York, California, Illinois, and elsewhere declare their opposition, promising to refuse compliance into their states,” the ad continues. “Trump orders their arrests. Trump pardons every January 6th attacker, including those who assaulted the police, and in a White House ceremony, issues a new presidential medal honoring them. Many are given jobs in his administration.”

“The Department of Education has renamed the Department of American Values and mandates a nationwide Christian nationalist curriculum for all schools receiving federal aid,” the narrator says. “Trump, joined by Speaker Mike Johnson and evangelical leaders, announces that the Department of Health and Human Services has reclassified Mifepristo, making it illegal to distribute or prescribe, as well as new HHS regulations that make IVF treatments impossible to legally administer. Trump reverses one campaign promise by declaring a national abortion ban by executive order.”

“Challenges to his authority are rejected by the Supreme Court, which has seen new appointments from Trump after it was expanded to 12 justices,” the ad states. “He signs an executive order removing abortion records from his privacy regulations and announces a new federal data-sharing program so states can monitor women’s periods. Thousands are detained while crossing state lines under suspicion of seeking abortion. Trump’s acting Secretary of Defense, a disgraced ex-general, fires over 400 generals and admirals, leaving the military leaderless. Other Trump appointees purge the ranks of the CIA, FBI, and Department of Justice. By executive order, Trump withdrew the United States from NATO and ended Pentagon cooperation with Ukraine.”

“Russian tanks enter Kyiv,” the ad continues. “Vladimir Zelensky is killed.”

“It is announced that Trump will run for a third term, claiming he was unfairly cheated in the 2020 election,” the narrator says. “His Supreme Court ultimately agrees with this interpretation, paving the way for Trump’s 2028 re-election.”

“If you hear all this and believe it is impossible, then ask yourself, what did you believe was impossible just eight years ago?” the ad concludes. “This isn’t a fantasy; it’s Trump’s plan, and he’s counting on you to believe it couldn’t happen.”

After a backlash, Trump has denied knowing anything about Project 2025. Still, the felon’s super PAC, Make America Great Again Inc., has been running ads promoting a website called Trump Project 2025.

But let’s talk about Biden being 3 years older than Trump, right, New York Times?

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