House GOP Extremists Want To Raise Your Retirement Age

Well! House Republicans already have an uphill battle in this year’s election due to their support for extreme abortion restrictions. Adding Social Security’s retirement age to the mix is sort of the whipped cream and a cherry on a Democratic majority. Via Bloomberg News:

The largest caucus of House Republicans called for an increase in the Social Security retirement age Wednesday, setting up a clash with President Joe Biden over spending on popular entitlement programs.

The Republican Study Committee, which comprises about 80% of House Republicans, called for the Social Security eligibility age to be tied to life expectancy in its fiscal 2025 budget proposal. It also suggests reducing benefits for top earners who aren’t near retirement, including a phase-out of auxiliary benefits for the highest earners.

The proposal sets the stage for an election-year fight with Biden, who accused Republicans of going after popular entitlement programs during his State of the Union address.

“If anyone here tries to cut Social Security, Medicare, or raise the retirement age, I will stop you,” Biden said in his March 7 address to Congress.

I’m so old, I remember when the Republican Study Committee was a small band of extremists. (If I recall correctly, Rep. Ron DeSantis was one of the founders.) Now they’re the majority of the House, and they think this is a winning formula.

Let’s be clear: It’s not just their fringe. Nikki Haley also proposed raising the retirement age.

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