House Republicans Plunged Into Chaos Again By 'Friend' Klan Mom Marge

On Sunday, embattled Speaker Mike Johnson told Fox News’ Trey Gowdy that his good friend Marjorie Taylor Greene is just a little perturbed and that’s why she filed a motion to vacate his leadership.

With friends like these….

The Fox News asked about MTG’s recent motion.

“How does it help the GOP grow the majority to be talking about a motion to vacate instead of talking about the border or inflation or other issues that are better for the GOP?” Gowdy asked. “How does this motion to vacate help win back the majority or win a bigger majority?”

“I don’t think it does,” Speaker Johnson replied. “And I think all of my other Republican colleagues recognize this is a distraction from our mission.”

He continued,” Again, the mission is to save the republic. And the only way we can do that is if we grow the House majority, win the Senate and win the White House. So, we don’t need any dissension right now.”

“Look, Marjorie Taylor Greene filed the motion. It’s not a privileged motion, so it doesn’t move automatically. It’s just hanging there. And she’s frustrated,” he explained.

But there’s a peace accord on the horizon, after they screw a few more poor folks.

She and I exchanged text messages even today.

We’re going to talk early next week.

Marjorie’s a friend.

She’s very frustrated about, for example, the last appropriations bills.

Guess what?

So am I. As we discussed, Trey, these are not the perfect pieces of legislation that you and I and Marjorie would draft if we had the ability to do it differently.

So with the smallest margin in U.S. history, we’re sometimes going to get legislation that we don’t like.

House Republicans have already embarrassed themselves many times over by the amount of votes it took to even elect Kevin McCarthy as speaker. His kowtowing to the Freedom Caucus quickly lead to his demise.

They were without a Speaker for three weeks and it took three votes for the crackpots to finally settled on uber-religious Mike Johnson. He was celebrated by MAGA and its fiercest vocalists like Steve Bannon. That didn’t last long when the actual job of being Speaker of the House kicked in.

(h/t to the great Aaron Rupar)

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