Hungarian Prime Minister calls for "mistake" of opening talks on Ukraine's accession to EU to be "corrected"

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has once again said that he believes it was a mistake to open the negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union and that Ukraine was not yet “ready” for it.

Source: European Pravda, with reference to Viktor Orbán during the Fidesz party conference, as reported by Magyar Hirlap, a pro-government Hungarian media outlet

Details: Orbán dedicated part of his speech to his vision for the European Union. He predicted “serious political battles” in the EU in the coming months.

According to Orbán, these “battles” include budget changes and “addressing the mistaken promise” to start negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU, given that “Ukraine currently remains light years away from the European Union”.

“We are resisting the machinations of Brussels bureaucrats, we are resisting the invasion of migrants, we are resisting gender propaganda, we are resisting the illusions of war, we are resisting Ukraine’s unqualified membership in the EU, we are resisting the green ideologies that appear to have increasingly more in common with communism and even Jacobinism,” Orbán claimed.

He also said that Hungary should not withdraw from the EU but rather change it, because he thinks the EU would “simply fall apart” in the absence of “radical changes”.

“We don’t want Europe and Hungary to turn into an open-air museum,” Orbán added.

Previously: Hungary has recently ramped up its threats to block the beginning of negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU because the Hungarian-speaking minority in Ukraine has allegedly had its rights infringed upon.

The Hungarian government has also launched “consultations” with Hungarian citizens that will focus on their support for Ukraine’s EU membership.

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