INFI MultiChain Introduces Innovative ©SbSe Protocol, Announces Community-Focused ICO

Miami, USA, July 2nd, 2024, Chainwire

  • Inverted Investment Advances 13 Projects, Led by INFI CDEX
  • INFI MultiChain CDEX Achieves $1 Billion in Total Value Swapped, 98% User Satisfaction
  • INFI Token Holders to Benefit from Community-Driven Initiatives

INFI MultiChain, a leader in decentralized exchange technology, has launched the ©SbSe Protocol, setting a new standard in digital payment infrastructure within the WEB4 framework. This development aims to bridge real-world enterprises and blockchain networks, marking a significant leap in blockchain adoption. The INFI MultiChain CDEX, the world’s first trading platform powered by the ©SbSe Protocol, reports $1 billion in total value swapped, a 98% user satisfaction rate, and support for over 100 cryptocurrencies.

INFI has announced the launch of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), focusing on community-driven growth. INFI token holders will have the opportunity to participate in the ecosystem’s growth and stability.

INFI eWallet is set to revolutionize payments by integrating traditional banking with blockchain technology. It emphasizes security with features like ‘one-click’ ID confirmation and a sophisticated encryption algorithm within the SbSe Protocol, ensuring each recipient receives a unique, random ‘mask’ address.

“The ©SbSe Protocol addresses a critical need in the blockchain industry by bridging the gap between real-world enterprises and blockchain networks. With a focus on the WEB4 concept, our digital payment framework enables frictionless interactions across blockchains, financial institutions, and key industries. This represents a USD 400 billion business opportunity, and we are committed to delivering significant value to our INFI holders,” stated Odon Oszkar Horvath, CEO of Inverted Investment / INFI MultiChain.

As the ICO launches, INFI token holders will gain various advantages. INFI MultiChain offers detailed staking options, allowing users to support the ecosystem’s growth and stability. Staking rewards follow a structured process, with penalties for early unstaking to maintain system integrity.

“Our community is the cornerstone of the INFI ecosystem. As part of its commitment to transparency and investor empowerment, INFI MultiChain offers detailed staking options, enabling users to earn rewards while contributing to the growth and stability of the ecosystem,” says Odon.

The staking period for INFI tokens is up to 24 months, with participants able to stake between 10 and 12,000 INFI per wallet. Should a participant’s allocation exceed 12,000 INFI, an additional wallet is required for staking.

Infi Ecosystem Foundations:

  • ©SbSe Protocol: Governs the ecosystem, facilitating connections across industries such as food, real estate, and pharmaceuticals. The goal is to create a cost-efficient, energy-saving, and waste-reducing digital WEB4-based payment system, secured by the SbSe Safe Track & SbSe Safe Pay within the INFI Digital eWallet.
  • SpecialLM: Enhances fraud prevention with a 48-hour compensation plan and collaboration with cybersecurity firms to secure the INFI CDEX trading platform. The ©SbSe Liquidity Hub provides cryptocurrency for fiat, ensuring the best price offers through top DEX and CEX exchanges.
  • INFI Digital eWallet and INFI eBank: An advanced platform bridging traditional finance and cryptocurrency, managing digital assets, and supporting financial inclusion.

About Inverted Investment:

Inverted Investment is transforming the cryptocurrency sector with the INFI MultiChain CDEX, a state-of-the-art digital trading platform regulated by the proprietary ©SbSe Protocol. It is an organization centered on INFI holders, who drive various innovative projects within the ecosystem. INFI serves as the internal currency that supports the entire framework, overseen by the ©SbSe Protocol. By introducing a new digital payment infrastructure rooted in the innovative WEB4 concept, Inverted Investment aims to revolutionize the financial sector. For more information, visit Inverted Investment.

For more information on the INFI ICO, users can visit INFI MultiChain ICO. 786-305-3255

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