Ingraham Seethes Over CNN's 'Nasty Jabs' About Trump's Birthday Message To Melania

Fox’s Laura Ingraham is very angry that CNN’s John Berman dared to point out that none of Trump’s family members have chosen to attend his trial in Manhattan while discussing Trump’s whiny birthday message to Melania.

Hey Laura, if Trump knew how to keep his you-know-what in his pants, maybe he wouldn’t be missing his wife’s birthday while he sits in court.

Here’s more from Mother Jones on the message:

The former president, who is on trial for falsifying business records related to an alleged affair, complained that he couldn’t be with his wife. […]

Public birthday wishes are a tricky art. Some are cute! Others give the ick. But on the 54th birthday of Melania Trump, a new entry into the canon of birthday messages has emerged—and it defies neat categorization.

“I want to start by wishing my wife Melania a very happy birthday,” Donald Trump told reporters on Friday. “It would be nice to be with her but I’m at a courthouse for a rigged trial.”

Trump is correct in that he is legally restricted from being anywhere but the Manhattan courthouse where he faces 34 felony counts of falsifying business records related to an alleged affair he had with adult film star, Stormy Daniels. The trial, however, is not rigged and is instead the direct result of an alleged extramarital encounter which reportedly involved spanking and hours of watching Shark Week together, carried out just months after Melania had given birth.

So how does Melania feel about her name being invoked this morning before dozens of cameras, especially for a birthday message that mostly served as a template to rail against prosecutors? The former first lady remains largely sequestered in Mar-a-Lago and has not accompanied her husband to his many court appearances (nor has any other Trump family member, for that matter). So I doubt we’ll hear from her.

And here’s Ingraham pretending Trump actually cares about his wife’s birthday and helping her network continue to push the notion that there weren’t any actual crimes involved in this case.

INGRAHAM: The lawfare being waged against Trump seems to be totally backfiring, and, so, disappointed commentators who kind of bet the farm on this, are just left sputtering. Even, and this was really great this morning, offering nasty jabs after Trump’s sweet birthday greetings to Melania.

BERMAN: One thing I want to point out, the first thing he did was wish his wife, Melania, a happy birthday, and said he wished he could be with her. She could be there. Any number of his family members could be there at this trial at any point. They’ve all chosen not to be at this trial.

INGRAHAM: “They’ve chosen not to be.” Really, John? Really? That’s, that’s as good as you can do? Now it’s bad enough for Trump to waste his time in a sham proceeding. Why on earth would he want to punish his family, punish his wife on her birthday? “Oh, come sit at the trial. Happy birthday.” How ridiculous.

But all day long, media personalities who had hoped, hoped that this case was going to help sink Trump, were themselves sinking, right along with Alvin’s case.

Yeah, poor Trump. Always the victim who did nothing to bring any of this on himself.

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