Investors Shift to AI Cryptos After Bitcoin Halving: Why They're Backing Akash Network, Theta Fuel, and Raboo

The recent Bitcoin halving has ignited a fresh fervor in the crypto market, marking a pivot towards AI cryptos. Among these, Akash Network, Theta Fuel, and Raboo are gaining particular attention for their unique contributions and promising futures. Let’s delve into why savvy investors are placing their bets on these AI cryptos.

Akash Network (AKT)

Akash Network stands out as a top decentralized cloud computing marketplace. Akash Network leverages unused cloud capacities in data centers to offer secure, private, and efficient cloud services at a fraction of the cost, and post-halving, Akash has seen increased interest due to its ability to drastically reduce costs for blockchain and AI computations, making it an attractive option for developers and businesses looking for decentralized cloud solutions. The integration of AI in optimizing resource allocation enhances Akash Network’s appeal, promising more efficient operations and potentially higher returns on investment.

Theta Fuel (TFUEL)

Theta Fuel operates as the operational token of the Theta protocol, which aims to revolutionize data delivery on digital platforms. By using an innovative blockchain and AI to optimize its content delivery network, Theta Fuel reduces costs and improves the quality of video streaming services. This technology not only supports the growing demand for online video content but also integrates seamlessly with smart TVs and other IoT devices. As more consumers and content creators move towards decentralized platforms, Theta Fuel’s potential for growth is substantial, making it a compelling choice for investors looking for big returns on their investment.

Raboo (RABT)

Then there’s Raboo, a newer entrant that’s quickly capturing the market’s imagination. As an AI-backed meme coin, Raboo distinguishes itself with a dual appeal: robust AI technology and a potent viral element. Unlike most AI cryptos, Raboo taps into the meme culture with an intelligent AI that identifies and propagates high-engagement content, ensuring its utility goes beyond mere transactions to becoming a staple in digital communication and marketing.

Raboo’s presale phase has been nothing short of a spectacle, with prices expected to surge by up to 100x thanks to its innovative tokenomics and a deflationary mechanism that rewards early adopters. Its ecosystem includes a marketplace for NFTs and branded merchandise, which are anticipated to create a thriving community and sustain long-term engagement. Raboo’s roadmap also reveals ambitious plans for scalability and integration across multiple platforms, positioning it as a key player in the meme cryptocurrency space.


In the aftermath of Bitcoin’s halving, the shift towards AI cryptos like Akash Network, Theta Fuel, and Raboo offers a glimpse into the future of the crypto market. These platforms promise enhanced functionalities through AI and present new avenues for growth in an increasingly digital world.

Raboo, with its unique blend of AI and meme culture, is a particularly strong opportunity — set to revolutionize how value and content circulate in the digital age. For investors looking to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on the next wave of AI cryptos, Raboo represents not just a token but a foray into the future of engagement in the cryptosphere. Join the Raboo community today, and be part of this exciting journey into the merging worlds of AI and crypto.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

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