Isaac Boots Joins Mindset Wellness as Cofounder and Chief Mindset Officer

Isaac Boots is entering a new era with Mindset Wellness as a cofounder and chief mindset officer. 

Boots first began working with the company on his line of cobranded Torch’d products, which now include patches and gummies. 

“We met when I did my first pop-up in the Hamptons, my Torch’d shop. I fell in love with their product and actually sold them at my pop-up,” Boots said. “I got to know them and fall in love with their ethos.” 

Now, alongside Mindset Wellness cofounders Jonathan and Rene Shapiro, Boots is taking on a more permanent and strategic role with the brand. The success of his previous co-branded products with the company, including the Mindset x Torch’d Energy Patches, $30, and Mindset x Torch’d Energy Gummies, $60, led to this move, according to Boots.

Jonathan Shapiro, Isaac Boots and Rene Shapiro

Jonathan Shapiro, Isaac Boots and Rene Shapiro.

Courtesy of Mindset Wellness

“Seeing such success with it, I really wanted to have a bigger role,” Boots said. “I’m at a point where I don’t just want to be an ambassador for someone. If I’m going to attach my name to something, it’s because I love it, because I believe in it, I use it.” 

Boots added: “I’m in on every conversation. I’m in on how the packaging looks, on how we roll things out, on the client experience. If we have any sort of feedback, [I’ll have] an active role in enacting changes, enacting new moments.”

In his new roles, Boots plans to expand the brand’s product offerings, including its most recent launch the Mindset Recharge Roll On, $48, a roller formulated with hemp to ease pain and promote recovery. Boots is also eager to grow the company’s line of transdermal wellness patches, which he said have been a major hit amongst his Torch’d clients who include celebs like Lisa Rinna and Kelly Ripa.

Mindset Wellness Recharge Roll On

Mindset Wellness Recharge Roll On

Courtesy of Mindset Wellness

“A lot of my clients are very specific about what they eat and what they can consume,” Boots said. “If you’re fasting or if you don’t want an extra calorie, the patch has a different sensibility. It’s long lasting and time released.”

More patches for an array of needs, including rest and recovery, are expected to launch early fall, according to Boots. 

Mindset x Torch'd Energy Patches

Mindset x Torch’d Energy Patches

Courtesy of Mindset Wellness

When asked about his future strategy for the brand, Boots said: “My strategy for everything in my life has always been my gut.”

Boots added that he is constantly tapping into his Torch’d community, having conversations in real life and via social media, to understand what types of products consumers are looking for.

In terms of growing the brand’s presence, Boots will continue to tap into his ever-growing Torch’d community.

“I’m so blessed that I have so many people that tune in, that care about what I do,” he said. “I’m motivated to spread the awareness, to have everyone experience this product.”

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