Joe Concha's Stupid Extends To Easter And Trans Community

Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney held a panel discussion earlier today on the latest MAGA outrage, Transgender Day of Visibility falling on Easter Sunday.

As Tengrain noted, “The calendar, how does it work?”

And, as usual, Fox News contributor Joe Concha took the bait like a starving blobfish. The results were highly predictable using any mathematical equation.

“In New York City. What do you make of these moves?” Varney asked “The Easter Egg Roll and the Transgender Visibility Day on Easter Sunday.”

“I want to talk about what Mike Huckabee said in that one soundbite if we can,” Concha said.” “He says they should just recognize it on another day.” (Huckabee said President Biden should be ashamed? He doesn’t pick when Easter is.)

Why should President Biden cancel? To appease insurrectionists and anti-LGBTQ+ hating miscreants? It takes far, far less to upset the snowflake evangelicals.

There is already a Transgender Awareness Month. That happens in November. Within that month, there’s also a Transgender Awareness Week, November 13th to the 19th. There’s also a Transgender Remembrance Day, which happens on November 20th. It gets better. There’s also an LBGTQ Month, and that’s all of June. California just declared that there will be a Transgender History Month in the month of August this year. In other words, they’re getting plenty of visibility.

Concha sure knows his Transgender days, doesn’t he?

So maybe this day that was randomly created 15 years ago, we don’t necessarily have to say, ah, that’s the day that the President should start putting out statements and declarations, and maybe go with all these other options that you have. Something like 60 other days where you could make a statement and not anger so many Catholics. All the name, by the way, Stuart, of 1% of the population.

President Biden is a life-long practicing Catholic. On the other hand, Traitor Trump is a make-up-covered fraud who wouldn’t know a beatitude from a commandment.

Varney joined in: “That’s what I was just going to say. So much promotion for a tiny sliver of the population. A whole month, a week, and a day, and heaven knows what else.”

Joe Concha is smart enough to understand what’s going on, but as a paid shill for the MAGA cult, he has to throw away common sense, decency, and his morals to fuel the hatred.

And then, to top it off his rant, Concha segues into a favorite hate-filled right-wing evangelical meme.

And the thing is, you keep seeing these polls coming out now more and more when it comes to transgenders in sports. In other words, biological men competing as biological women. If Joe Biden thinks that the American people, a majority of them, agree with biological men competing as biological women in sports like boxing, in field hockey, in soccer, in swimming, I could go on and on. No, 7 in 10 are against that, actually.

What do sports have to do with Easter? By bringing up transgenders in sports, Concha uses his platform to attack, humiliate, and create more animosity toward this tiny sliver of the US population.

With the upcoming 2024 election, Transgender Day of Visibility could’ve fallen on any day in the calendar year, not just March 31, and conservative operatives and evangelical MAGA cultists would have screamed.

Why should Catholics be upset over celebration on Easter? It obviously has no bearing on their own celebrations or religious beliefs. This is about framing the USA as a “Christian nation,” which it is not. And at the same time dousing more hate on this tiny 1% of the nation.

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