Kaitlan Collins Nails J.D. Vance With His Own Words

Watching this self-righteous ass get confronted with his own hypocrisy is a nice tonic to start the day. And that’s it’s delivered by Kaitlan Collins is even better.

Vance was pontificating about campus protests when Collins asked, “So you agree that people who break in and vandalize a building should be prosecuted?” (I think you know where this is going, right?)

Vance said yes.

“Okay, I’m just checking because you did help raise money for people who did so on January 6, which was impeding an official proceeding, breaking into a building that they weren’t allowed to be in, vandalizing the Capitol,” she said. Zing!

Vance said of course if you beat up a cop, you deserve to go to prison.

“But there are people who protested on January the 6th who have had the complete weight of the Justice Department thrown at them when at worst, they’re accused of misdemeanors,” he said.

Collins said Trump has said he would consider a blanket pardon for everyone on January 6. “Are you saying that that shouldn’t happen? People who beat up cops should be excluded from that?”

Oh, come on. Trump doesn’t do nuance! Of course he’ll pardon all of them!

Then Vance started the usual right-wing gobbledygook about double standards and how Black Lives Matter protester did so much vandalism and damage without being prosecuted.

As someone whose neighborhood businesses were decimated by looting not once, not twice, but three times, I can tell you as a matter of fact that the looting was not done by protesters. It was done by organized gangs of criminals who organized the looting on social media, and the ones who were eventually caught were indeed prosecuted.

But J.D. Vance has never been one to let the facts get in the way of a sound bite.

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