Klan Mom Marge Has A Sad: 'Fox News Called Me An Idiot'

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s attempt to oust Mike Johnson as Speaker is so laughable that even Fox News has had enough.

“It’s high time someone in the Republican Party told Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to turn all that bombastic self-serving showmanship and drama queen energy on Democrats, and stop trying to defeat her own party,” Peek said in her lengthy piece.

Greene joined Trump’s co-conspirator in trying to overthrow the 2020 election, Steve Bannon to b*tch and moan.

And you’re right, Fox News called me an idiot. That was literally their headline. They called me an idiot.

But what I’ve done is expose what was already happening in the dark.
And I think the beautiful thing about it is, is that Democrats have to come clean.

They were controlling Mike Johnson anyways. He was giving them everything, wide open border policies, fully funded, fully funded the Biden Department of Justice, fully funded the FBI.

Rep. Mike Johnson was the preferred choice to replace Kevin McCarthy as Speaker from the the pro-life and MAGA cult, but as soon as he decided to fund the government, he became a pariah.

It’s kinda amazing watching Greene characterize Johnson as being mind-controlled from the Democratic party. Greene and many in her conference have no idea how to govern, how Congress works so there only motives are to destroy and grow their social media accounts..

Maybe Greene can use a space laser and vaporize Johnson instead of going through proper channels?

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