Lauren Boebert Attends 'Funeral For Her Own Career'

I’d really, really love to believe it’s over for Lauren Boebert but with Republican voters and an endorsement from Trump who knows. We’re not dealing with rational people here, are we?

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Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert became the subject of mockery this weekend as social media users made jokes about the lawmaker’s apparently sparse crowd at a speaking event in her state.

Boebert, who earlier in the month was ridiculed on social media as she sought to highlight an endorsement from Donald Trump, once again took to her X account to share some pictures.

“Great to be with you today, Adams County GOP!” she wrote along with the photos.

In the comments of her post, people were quick to point out the empty seats visible in pictures.

Boebert’s tweet.

And some of the more choice responses.

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